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The Merino Kids™ sleepwear and clothing range is made from the finest, 100% natural Merino wool. The range has been designed with ease, practicality and comfort in mind. Our superfine Merino garments make great thermal layers, for example, for skiing. Layers of our Merino clothing combine perfectly with our Go Go Bags™.

Merino is the proven wonder fibre for young children and ensures the perfect sleep and play environment every time. Layers of Merino clothing work perfectly together to ensure extra warmth on cold nights but never getting too hot thanks to its unique breathability. This amazing quality keeps a little body dry by actually drawing moisture away from the skin – it has been proven to release up to 40% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp!

Worn next to skin, Merino is also light, very soft to the touch, non-itchy, hypo-allergenic, fire retardant and naturally odour-releasing.

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