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‘A big thank you for the wonderful service, my daughter received the parcel yesterday and was delighted with the sleeping bag and Pyjamas. I will use this UK service again. Thank you.’
Margaret, New Zealand – January 2015

‘The order has arrived and the products are even more fab than I had hoped for! Thank you for the extra gift! I have spread the word on Facebook and helped to reach 500+ people with my great experience with you guys. Thank you again and Merry Christmas! You have a true customer now who will keep coming back as my kid will grow…’
Astrid, France – December 2014

‘Just want to say a BIG thank you to Merino Kids UK for the Go Go Bag (Duvet) I ordered online from Australia and needed to be delivered to our son and partner in the UK before their baby arrives in a few weeks. They have received it and are thrilled with the gift. Your website is easy to use and delivery etc. is very efficient. This is the second Go Go Bag I have bought from Merino Kids for our grandchildren and I'm sure it will be appreciated and well used, like the first one.
Dianne, Australia – December 2014

‘The sleeping bag is really great, the first night Ariana wore it, she slept through! I can say, the temperature of this sleeping bag is just perfect, she is no longer too hot and too cold! So overall, I would say she sleeps better, and I am telling all my friends about it! …a lovely present!’
Wu, London – May 2014

‘Just a comment about how much we love your Go Go Bags: We have a 5 year old and a 16 month year old. Our eldest, Emily had two bags which we call ‘Baggie’ (Pink Baggie and Blue Baggie) and they were and still are the two items we cannot ever go anywhere without. When we had Rosie, the agreement was that Pink Baggie would become Rosie’s until she needed a bigger bag at which time she would inherit blue baggie. Rosie now has blue baggie and pink baggie has returned to Emily. Now, instead of just cuddling her pink baggie at night, Emily wears pink baggie like a nightie. I cannot ever imagine a day that baggies will not be one of the most loved items in our house! Thank you!’
Joanna – May 2014

‘I already have a few sleeping bags that I bought in your shop and love them to bits. Tried many brands and yours always come out on the top. Well done – you should expand the product range. All the best.’
Kasia – April 2014

‘We have used the Merino Kids range from birth, first the swaddle wrap, then the newborn sleeping bag, now the go go sleeping bag. We think they are fantastic and could not be without them. Well done for such great products!’
Menna, Switzerland – April 2014

‘I work in luxury fashion PR so finding a shop with outstanding service and great advice is rare and I appreciate your time and effort. The boy is already in his new sleeping bag and is feeling fluffy and soft.’
Annika – February 2014

‘Just to let you know the sizing of the booties was perfect and I absolutely love these! You would not believe how many types we have tried that Ariana just refuses to wear... she refuses to take these ones off which is definitely a good sign! Thanks again for your help.’
Anisa – January 2014

‘…This is the most beautiful baby product I have ever seen. Beautiful material, exquisite quality. I received so many comments about this product when showing friends. My baby was extremely comfortable in this.’
2013/14 Mother & Baby Awards Judge

‘…This product has been a Godsend in the recent hot weather as I’ve felt reassured that the natural merino wool filling will help to regulate my baby’s temperature so he won’t overheat.’
2013/14 Mother & Baby Awards Judge

‘…Even in this very warm weather I have felt at ease putting this sleeping bag to use. The material is breathable keeping my little one at just the right temperature. I haven't used sleeping bags before, but I really do like this one. It's large enough to use for many months/years to come. The poppers mean that it will last until my little one is two.’
2013/14 Mother & Baby Awards Judge

‘…It is great that it can be used in the car so no changing into and out of clothes when travelling. The size was great - I can see it lasting a long time.’
2013/14 Mother & Baby Awards Judge

‘…Great, great product. We tested this product in the July heatwave. It was fantastic and soon became a product we will use for many many months to come. My son was cool in the early evening yet it kept him warm when the temperature dropped overnight. Super soft and super comfy. The openings for the carseat harness is just genius…’
2013/14 Mother & Baby Awards Judge

‘Thank you! Last Thursday I had had enough and was desperate for a full nights sleep. My second child is eight months old and was waking about 3 times a night and I was at my wits end so I went out shopping on Thursday and bought a gorgeous Ladybird Go Go Bag hoping this would assist both my son and I in getting some sleep. I have now had four full night sleeps and he is easily sleeping his twelve hours and just loves his sleeping bag!! So a huge thank you to having such an awesome product I will be recommending them to everyone!!!’

‘…Our Go Go Bag transformed our lives. It is definitely the best thing I have ever bought for her…’

‘Just wanted to say how fantastic your Go Go Bags are. My son has special needs (he’s 3) so we want to keep him in a bag as long as possible so I have just bought two of yours including a winter one. He has been kept warm and dry despite leaky nappy problems. When I read the back of the packet I must say I was sceptical that the bag could deal with moisture but how amazing it is. I am so grateful that I don’t have to worry now the nights are getting colder and they are worth every penny!!!!!’
Kathryn, Greenhithe

‘I would just like to comment on what a fantastic product you are producing. This is my second order of cotton products in two weeks, as I was overwhelmingly impressed with the excellent quality of your product! I only wish you were not sold out of the pants as well! Roman wore his new clothes to our baby massage class and now there are twelve other mums dying to get their hands on your clothing (the same thing happened when we showed them our Go Go Bag too).’
L. McNeil

‘Dear Merino Kids Team, This is a very belated thank you for your fantastic service and product. I purchased a summer and winter Go Go Bag for my 16 month old who was constantly waking in the night having kicked all her blankets off. She took to her Go Go Bag straight away and now we couldn’t live without it. Your prompt service was invaluable as you got the bag to me in time for me to take it on holiday with us (less than a week’s notice) and our daughter slept “like a baby”! With grateful thanks.’

‘Last night my baby slept for 12 and a half hours… uninterrupted… the first time in 16 months. We are ecstatic and amazed at how quickly it worked… I can’t thank you enough… it is such a relief and a much kinder way to do it as well.’
Matt & Margaret

‘Thank you so much for the prompt shipping of my order. I received it this morning! I have ordered other things from other places late last week and yours (ordered last) is the first to turn up. And just in time for the icy blast travelling up the country.’

‘Great product thank you. We’ve used a standard weight bag since we stopped swaddling our wee one which has been great but now that he’s crawling around his cot we can’t put an extra blanket on on the cooler nights. We ordered a duvet bag for the winter so now I can snuggle under my duvet at night without feeling guilty, or worrying that he might be just a bit cool.’

‘I am a mother of three and having used the Cocooi Swaddle for the first time with my little girl Hannah, I am completely converted! I know about the benefits of swaddling, and Merino (I recently started using the Go Go Bag sleep bag for my toddlers, which I have to say have transformed our lives - we now sleep through the night!). The vent in the Cocooi Swaddle makes it so easy to move Hannah into the car when she is sleeping and then into her bassinet. It has been my saviour, allowing Hannah to still remain in a sleep routine when I am so busy, as I have such a hectic schedule with my older two boys. I would highly recommend this to any first time mum as a must have, I wish I had the Cocooi Swaddle for my first two children.’
Paige, Melbourne, Australia

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